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Miss Australia


Miss Australia award was started in the year 1954 until 2000. This event was successfully conducted for 45 years. Miss Australia was a major raised money event for the spastic centre of Australia. Miss Australia crown was made with silver, velvet blue and it was ornamented with more than 800 pearls. Miss Australia crown was made in japan and designed by Ernest Booth.

In 1908 an American newspaper has declared the 1st Australian beauty competition winner was miss Margaret frey and she was the most beautiful US woman in the world.

Australians rejected to grant this and started searching a girl to answer such as a contest on behalf of native womanhood. After few findings at last they recognizes Miss Alice Buckridge.

In 1911, 2nd Miss Australia competition was conducted at Sydney stadium and the result was Miss Milicent Mahy. After the second contest the beauty competition has stopped until 1928.

In 1928 the contest took place and Miss Beryl Mills was the Miss Australia and this was the first competition which was named as Miss Australia contest.

Miss Australia and The Spastic Centres of Australia

Mr Dowd was mainly strong that whatever was organized should be on a nationwide with all Spastic Centres in Australia contributing

1000 women have taken part yearly in the Quest during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

In 1992, Miss Australia Quest was reformed to the Miss Australia Awards

The trappings occasionally associated with beauty competition such as the sceptre, sashes and crowns were referred to the collections in 1991

Famous Miss Australias

Tania Verstak - Miss Australia in 1961

Rosemary Fenton- Miss Australia in 1960

Gay Kayler- Miss Darling Downs in 1960

Michelle Downes- Miss Australia in 1973

Kathryn Hay- Miss Australia in 1999

Miss Australia Universe, Michelle van Eimerenin 1994

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