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Air and Sea Crew Visa

Air and Sea Crew Visa
Air and sea crew visas in Australia can be applied by the people on their entry into country. Australian air and sea crew visas are classified into following sub classes:
  • Superyacht Crew - 488
  • Crew Travel Authority - 942
  • Maritime Crew – 988
Crew members have the opportunity for applying any of the above visas according to required eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for Registering into Crew Travel Authority

It is required that those commercial flights which are being operated by crew need to be registered with CTA or Crew Travel Authority. But an individual who has the right to operate flights in Australia will not have the eligibility to hold CTA.

Documents that is required for CTA

To apply for Australian Air and Sea Crew Visa following are the documents required:
  • An airline identity card
  • A valid passport
  • A general declaration form for the foreign flight only
  • A letter from the employers which would specify that the person is an air crew member

Process to obtain CTA

Incase if there will be any advanced passenger processing for your airline, then CTA’s will be easily available with the help of website in online.

942 - Crew Travel Authority Visa

The Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942 is basically an electronic record of immigration against which all legal authorities of international airline members of the crew can enter Australia and get checked electronically. There is an Advanced Passenger Processing system used for checking before boarding the flight to Australia. All crew members travelling to and entering Australia obtain Special Purpose visas.

International airlines and flights include commercial and chartered passenger flights, and cargo or freight flights.

Crew members holding passports of New Zealand or Australia don’t require the Crew Travel Authority.

People who operate private flights into the country, however, are not eligible for registering for Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942.


The main feature and intent of the Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942 is to allow air carriers to register all members of their crew.

Air carriers can register their crew members for this visa, Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942.

Carriers need to use the Advanced Passenger Processing or APP website. They will also be able to use the same website for checking whether their crew members hold a valid Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942. Carriers wanting to register their additional members need to contact through email for accessing the website.

Carriers that don’t have access to the website can also register for Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942 through the helpdesk of APP.


It takes about 7 to 10 days to process the visa. After applying for the visa, applicants have to wait for some time for the decision to be made. Once the decision is made, they will be informed.


For airline crew members, there is a Special Purpose Visa which will be taken to hold for a period of 30 days starting when they first disembark from their aircraft. However, they must hold their valid passports and Airline Identity Cards respectively.

For other positions, such as airline positioning crew and aircraft safety inspectors, the same rules apply.


There are some basic requirements to register for the Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942.

For airline crew members and airline positioning crew members, the requirements are:

  • airline crew members should be employed by an international air carrier as a part of the aircrew
  • crew members should travel to Australia during the course of employment as a part of the crew
  • crew members leaving Australia by flight during their employment or simply as passengers

For aircraft safety inspectors, the requirements are:

  • an individual should be employed by some foreign government for inspecting the safety of the aircraft and safety procedures of international carriers
  • an individual should enter Australia by air while still employed
  • an individual should leave Australia by air while still employed or even as a passenger

For all employed crew members and safety inspectors, it is very important to have their passports renewed and updated. The passport number is linked to the Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942 and the same passport should be used for travelling to Australia.

If any subclass available?

Yes, Crew Travel Authority Visa subclass 942. 

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