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Vincent Lingiari

Vincent Lingiari

Birth and Nationality

Australia’s famous land rights activist Vincent Lingiari, according to government records, was born on 1919 at Victoria River Gorge of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Education and Early Life

Vincet Lingiari did not have a formal education. As part of the Gurindji, he worked on Wave Hill, but received on payment in the beginning. While working there, he became the leader of the Gurindji.

Spouse and Children

Vincent Lingiari and Blanche Nangi got married according to a tribal ritual. They had 6 sons and 2 daughters.

Indigenous People’s Land Rights

On August 23, 1966, Vincent Lingiari led almost 200 indigenous people in protesting against Wave Hill’s unjust working conditions and unfair wages. He demanded protection for Aboriginal women, a raise in wage, and better rations. Similarly, he was part of establishing the Wattie Creek Camp where the people demanded the return of their lands. For eight years, Vincent Lingiari led the Gurindji’s fight for the rights of their lands which became the longest strike in Australian history. In 1973, the Whitlam government agreed to lease a generous portion of the Wave Hill to Gurindji people. The land was then converted to freehold title in 1986.


Vincent Lingiari died on January 21, 1988. His death and funeral was given tribal honors and rituals.

Awards, Honors, and Recognition

Lingiari Foundation was established in 2001, He was an inspiration and a subject for songs such as "From Little Things Big Things Grow".

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