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Australian Event Awards

Australian Event Awards
Australian event awards are one of the peak awards program in Australian event industry. It is the program organized by industry consultation which has taken the responsibility for cohesiveness across the whole industry in Australia. It aims to develop identification industry along with assisting Australian operators for opportunities in cross-development among event and event disciplines.

Who is Eligible?

Australian event awards program is eligible for all Australian events, managers of event companies along with support service providers regardless of:
  • event type or audience
  • event size or attendance
  • event location or association membership

Australian Event Awards Trophy

Australian Event Awards Trophy is designed very uniquely to reflect the prestige of being winner of this awards program. It is designed in such a way to recognize the trophy immediately which stands the test of the time.

Categories and Eligibility criteria

Categories and eligibility criteria for Australian event awards, are has below which have been developed after extensive feedback from the industry.

Best Event Awards

This category includes following sub-categories:
  • Best Sporting Event – Sporting event that has outstanding competition for athletes, officials, competitors along with spectators.
  • Best Tourism Event – The event that is capable of contributing economic development to country by attracting visitors.
  • Best Charity or Cause Related Event – It is based on best awareness, promotes engagement or otherwise benefits a charity or cause.
  • CIM Magazine Best Meeting or Conference – It recognizes the aims of establishing body of meeting or conference that will provide a pleasing experience for attendees.
  • Best Cultural, Arts or Music Event – It recognizes a special event, function or cultural exhibition which is capable of representing artistic excellence, innovation and has to support in music, arts along with culture.
  • Best Corporate Event – It is awarded to that type of event which has best achievement of business outcome and also reflects the culture which will be finest at identifying host organizations or brands.
  • Best Exhibition – This award is recognized basing on best experience, outcomes for exhibitors as well as attendees in a consumer or trade exhibition.
  • Coates Hire Best Community Event – Awarded to the event which is good at benefits through community building and achievement.
  • Best New Event – Innovation that is bonded with staging a new event.
  • Best Regional Event – It is awarded to an event which makes a special contribution to a particular region or community which is outside a major population centre.

Achievement Awards

This category includes following sub-categories:
  • Best Achievement in Design, Look or Theming
  • Best Achievement in Catering
  • Best Achievement in Marketing, Communication or Sponsorship
  • Best Achievement in Sustainability
  • Best Technical Achievement or Innovation
  • Best Venue
  • Best Product or Service
  • Best Education or Training Program
  • Best Export

Headline Awards

This category includes following sub-categories:
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Young Achiever of the Year
  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Event Manager of the Year
  • The Australian Event of the Year

Judging Process

Australian event awards judging process will be carried out in online by Industry Judging Panel after the conclusion of entry period. An event has to undergo six parts of the judging process to stand has winner in Australian event awards.

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