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IDEA Awards

IDEA Awards

Inside Magazine launched IDEA awards in 2003 which is one of the largest awards programs of Australia in design field. It is the program with awards for interior and product design in 11 categories along with 5 special awards.

The categories for award presentation carry out different fields in each of the category and are as following:


  • Fields or professions - Theatrical Staging, Pop-up Shops, Marquees, Exhibitions, Other temporary installations-cum-event spaces
  • Judged basing on - Clever, Readily demountable design along with the way it contributes to experience of event.


  • Fields or professions - Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels
  • Judged basing on - Functionality, Smart Planning

3.Object-Furniture and Lighting:

  • Fields or professions – Best Australian Furniture, Lighting Design
  • Judged basing on – Form, Function, Genuine Innovation

4.Public Space:

  • Fields or professions – Any Interior design projects funded by a public body, Institutional Buildings
  • Judged basing on – Ability to engage, Serve the general public

5.Residential Decoration:

  • Fields or professions – Residential Interior Dressers
  • Judged basing on – Selection of Furnishings, Soft or Hard, Color, Surfaces, Fixtures, Fittings

6.Residential Multi:

  • Fields or professions – Multi-unit Residential Complexes
  • Judged basing on – Qualities of Modularity, Economy of Construction, Reflection of design in Target Market Demographic

7.Residential Single:

  • Fields or professions – Single apartments, townhouses, terraces and standalone dwellings
  • Judged basing on – Handling of space, Light and Structure


  • Fields or professions – Retail Fit outs
  • Judged basing on – Product display, Design translation of brand, experiential qualities of space and efficient planning

9.Workplace - Above 1000sqm:

  • Fields or professions – Large commercial office designs above 1000sqm
  • Judged basing on – Design of commercial fit out, enhanced efficiency of workplace, Comfort, Happiness, Design relation towards Brand, Ethos of company.

10.Workplace - Below 1000sqm:

  • Fields or professions – Smaller bespoke office solutions below 1000sqm
  • Judged basing on – Considerations are same as the above.
  • All the submissions are required to send a separate document which states projects sustainability issues. While special awards are in the following:
  • Overall Winner
  • Designer of the Year
  • Emerging Designer
  • The Sustainability Award
  • The IDEA Gold Medal

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Each and every category has different eligibility criteria.
  • Each and every entry needs to include sustainability criteria regarding the project.
  • Each project can be entered in more than one category if they are applicable.

Entry Fees:

If there are more than one entry, than each entry must be filled on separate entry form which costs $120. Each and every entry is eligible for sustainability award, designer of the year along with overall winner awards.

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