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John Flynn

John Flynn

“John Flynn” was born on 25th November 1880 at Bendigo, Australia. He was an Australian Presbyterian Minister. And he was the first man that who founded the “Royal Flying Doctor Service” and i.e. it’s the first world’s “Air Ambulance”.

He completed his studies in Ormond College and University of Melbourne. In 1931 at the age of 51 he married a secretary of the AIM, Jean Baird. After then he get retired and then died in Sydney. After his death all the cremations and remains are kept in a large boulder from the Devils Marbles.

He was always thinking about the backward community people and their needs. He published a book throughout the interior Australia, named as “The Bushman’s Companion” on September 1910 which was distributed as free of cost.

At Beltana he took up a chance to success in Revd E.E. Baldwin as the Dunesk Missioner of Smith. It was a small settlement about 500K.Ms north of Adelaide. On January 1911 he was appointed in Adelaide during this work.

The missioners were visited the station in wide radius of Beltana, their practical and spiritual services was evaluated in a lonely areas. Flynn has planned to do something bigger and use it as an opportunity. He wrote a letter to the church superior on 1912 about defining the difficulties of ministering the disperse population.

Flynn has been appointed as the first superintendent of the Australian Inland Mission. Flynn established the medical care for the citizens who are in need throughout the Australian country, and established “Bush hospitals” at different places.

During the World War I, Clifford Peel who is an Australian Pilot serving in the war, had listened the speculations and capabilities of Flynn's outlined and costs of then-available planes. He served the material in the church's magazine; Flynn started his fund-raising talents to the foundation of creating a flying medical service.

In 1928 from “Cloncurry” is the world's first flight of the Aerial Medical Service in Queensland.


In 1933, He was Chosen as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.


In Australian 20 Dollar note Dr. Flynn face has printed on one side as the symbol of honor.

Commemoration of him, John Flynn's name has also been used as follows:

  • Phineas Flynn, the protagonist from the Disney Channel TV series Phineas and Ferb
  • Flynn’s memory has the honors of Canberra suburb
  • In Queensland on 2006 the Australian Electoral Commission has created Federal Electorate of Flynn
  • As the recognition of Royal Australian Flying Doctors Service Qantas has stated that they going to name one of their Airbus A380s after Flynn for his work to the flight industry and his achievements
  • John Flynn Placement has also created a Program for the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. Who wants to get the experience and medical practice for the students and also it was a scholarship program.

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