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Department of the Treasury

Department of the Treasury

Department of the Treasury was formed in 1902, Melbourne. The Treasury headquarters was established in Canberra and till April 2013 the employees were 1,056. The department is motivated on developing Australian taxation system, future land and treats the income tax generation along with services on economic policies.

Structure of the Treasury Department

The Treasury department is divided in to 4 groups and these four groups were formed to overcome four policies.

  • Fiscal,
  • Macroeconomic,
  • Revenue and Markets,
  • Corporate Services Division

Current Government Expenditure and Taxation Preparations

The Treasury affords information on:

  • Budget policy issues
  • Trends in Commonwealth revenue
  • Major fiscal
  • Financial aggregates
  • Major expenditure programmers
  • Taxation policy
  • Retirement income
  • Commonwealth-State financial policy
  • Actuarial services.

Sound Macroeconomic Environment

The Treasury observers and evaluates economic conditions and predictions equally in Australia and overseas, it also gives instruction on the formulation and implementation of effective macroeconomic policy.

Well-Functioning Markets

The Treasury provides instructions on policy methods and restructuring to promote a secure financial system, sound corporate policy will help to challenge both in product and services markets, which can also safeguard the public interest in areas such as consumer protection along with the foreign investment.

Effective Taxation and Retirement Income Activities

The Treasury affords information in commencing and execution of government taxation, retirement income policies and legislation, as well as giving instructions on material changes to taxation revenue forecasts and projections.

Formed 1901
Jurisdiction Australia
Headquarters Canberra
Employees 1,056 (at April 2013)
Ministers responsible The Hon. Joe Hockey, Treasurer Senator The Hon. [[]], Assistant Treasurer The Hon. Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business
Agency executive Martin Parkinson, Secretary to the Treasury
Parent agency Commonwealth of Australia
Child agencies Reserve Bank of Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Australian Securities and Investments Commission Australian Taxation Office Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee Inspector-General of Taxation National Competition Council Auditing and Assurance Standards Board Australian Accounting Standards Board Productivity Commission Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
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