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Fashion Awards Australia

Fashion Awards Australia

The Fashion Awards Australia is an exciting presentation of new and innovative fashion designs. The Fashion Awards Australia is considered a distinctive event which celebrates a vast collection of unique creative designs. The fashion designs are staged annually in Melbourne. Since the Fashion Awards Australia was launched, it has aimed to provide recognition to as well as provide aid in the development and education of the students in the fashion and textile department of the Secondary Colleges and TAFE Colleges. This awards event promotes the work of the fashion students together with the new and the emerging designers in the Australian fashion industry.

Every year, the Fashion Awards Australia consults with the teachers and mentors from the participating colleges to come up with a specific program that fits with the current fashion design curriculum. In line with this, the awards event is able to bring together the young new talents and the masters of fashion n the industry to celebrate a fashion culture and tradition.


The Fashion Awards Australia is considered a major established Australian fashion awards event. Students from all Secondary and Tertiary Colleges from all states and territories in Australia are eligible to join the event. In addition, new and emerging designers are also welcome to join the competition.


All the entered designs will be judged under the condition of anonymity of the design entries. Specific criteria may be present based on the award category of the entered designs. The designs will be judged by a panel of very distinguished Australian designers.

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