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ACUMA Awards

ACUMA Awards
ACUMA Inc. is known as the peak body for the higher education campus service providers both in New Zealand and Australia. This organization covers more than 80% of the Universities Australia members, offering facilities and services to 89% university students of Australia. The ACUMA awards are an endeavor of ACUMA.
The main target of these awards is to recognize the excellence in the areas like services, innovation and student programs and marketing within the sector of the territory and showcasing the innovations, talents and member skills in order to address all the issues that face the campus every year.
On the other hand, the ACUMA Awards for Excellence in Campus Service offer recognition for the organizations and staff that coordinate, develop, manage and enhance the non-academic lives of the students on the campuses around New Zealand and Australia. Besides, these awards also recognize the creativity, talents and the innovations employed by the campus service organizations to offer engaging services, facilities and information to around 1 million tertiary students located in Australia.
These awards distinguish the best-in-field under these following categories:
  • Student Orientation Handbook
  • Campus Newspaper/E-Newsletter/Magazine
  • Community Outreach Program
  • Student Development Program
  • Handbill / Flyer
  • Website
  • Student Diary
  • Promotional Brochure / Poster
  • Promotional Clothing / Product
  • Staff Development Program
  • New / Refurbished Facility
  • Annual Report
Last but not the least, these awards also serve as the showcase for both the depth and the breadth of all the activities carried out by the higher education campus service organizations.

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