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Stanley Bruce

Stanley Bruce

Stanley Bruce was born on April 15, 1883 in a wealthy Melbourne family in St Kilda, Victoria. Stanley was the youngest of the five children. His father was John Munro Bruce who was a talented business man.

Education and Personal Life

Stanley’s studied in Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He was an average student but heavily participated in sports. In sports, he was a member of the Cambridge rowing crew. During his early life he was involved in his father import-export business. In 1906, Ernest Bruce (Stanley’s brother) influenced the directors to have Stanley as the chairperson of Paterson, Laing and Bruce.

After becoming a chairperson at the age of 23, he proved himself. Bruce was managing the exporting and financial interests whereas Ernest was looking after importation and sales operation. Stanley became a successful business man by the age of 32. In 1913, Stanley Bruce was married to Ethel Bruce; they had no children.

Stanley as Prime Minister

Stanley has served in World War I. He was in the military from 1914-1917 and served there as a Captain and belonged to the unit—second Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. In 1917, he became a spokesperson for government recruitment efforts. Billy Hughes encouraged him to take up a political career.

He was elected as Prime Minister in 1923. During this period he brought many changes to the Australian federal system that strengthened the role of Common wealth. He also established Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO). His tenure as a Prime Minister lasted until 1927.


Stanley has the following two awards to his name—Military Cross award and Croix de guerre.

He died at the age of 84 on August 25, 1967 in London, England.

8th Prime Minister of Australia
In office: 9 February 1923– 22 October 1929
Monarch George V
Governor General Lord Forster Lord Stonehaven
Preceded by Billy Hughes
Succeeded by James Scullin
Member of the Australian Parliament for Flinders
In office: 11 May 1918– 12 October 1929
Preceded by William Irvine
Succeeded by Jack Holloway
In office: 19 December 1931– 11 November 1933
Preceded by Jack Holloway
Succeeded by James Fairbairn
Personal details
Born Stanley Melbourne Bruce 15 April 1883 Melbourne, Victoria, British Empire
Died 25 August 1967 (aged-84) London, England
Political party Nationalist (1918–29) United Australia (1931–33)
Spouse(s) Ethel Bruce
Children None
Alma mater Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Profession Businessman and Lawyer
Religion Anglicanism

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