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Australian Literary Awards

Australian Literary Awards

Overview of Australian Literary Awards

Australian literary awards are the most prestigious awards which are presented to winners in literature. These awards are presented each and every year in Australia that will be recognizing excellence in Australian Literary.

History of Australian Literary Awards

Australian literary awards have been founded since year 2011 and have been celebrated every year. These awards have important role in the history as they play a key role in recognizing and rewarding those who have an outstanding talent in the Australian literary history. As these award winners are Australian citizens who make a valuable contribution to the Australian literature, which adds significance to the nation’s culture.

Australian Literary Awards is a prominent source for information on awardees from various literary fields such as literature, short stories, poetry and many more.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria varies from one literary award field to the other. It depends on the particular field. Following are various fields in which Australian literary awards are presented:

  • Awards in Australian Literature
  • Awards in Short Stories
  • Awards in Poetry
  • Awards for Plays
  • Awards for Youth Literature
  • Awards for Children’s Books
  • Awards in History
  • Awards for Science fiction, horror and include other speculative fiction
  • Awards for Crime Writing and
  • Awards for Nonfiction

All these sections have again various awards which will be presented every year.

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