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Migrating to Australia

Migrating to Australia

Migrating to Australia for Permanent Settlement

Generally, people migrate to other countries hoping for better living & working environments, good employment opportunities, improved quality of life and enhanced lifestyle benefits. Australia is highly destined country for migration, as it has growing demand for skilled workers especially in popular states like Victoria and Queensland. After the introduction of State Migration plans in all states and territories to sponsor skilled migration workers, there is a huge change in the Australian migration statistics. Every year, thousands of foreign workers and businesspersons are migrating to Australia to settle down in one of the best places for better level of living comfort.

Why choose Australia for Migration?

  • Apart from expanding economy, Australia has many appealing factors that are making it top destination for emigrants from all over the world. While ‘plenty of visa options’ is the key reason for migrating to Australia, there are other aspects like low cost of living, quality education, English speaking culture, job & trade opportunities and world class health care system which have attracted overseas workers to this amazing land.
  • Australia is a multicultural country where you can find people from different ethnic backgrounds working and studying in almost all regions. Moreover, this country has flexible migration program that does not discriminate the applicants based on the race, gender, color or ethnicity. Whether it is a temporary stay visa or a lifetime permanent resident visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection treats all the applications equal and assesses the request against the requirements as per the Australian migration act.
  • Investigate Various Migration Programs to Match your Skill Set:

    • Australian government offers various temporary or permanent visa programs for eligible candidates that allow them to migrate either as an individual or as a family. Professional expertise, knowledge in English language, nationality, age and educational background are some of the factors that will decide the kind of permit or visa category. Before migrating to Australia, work all the possibilities and check requirement criteria to make sure you are lodging the application for right category.
    • People who are migrating to Australia for settlement must understand the visa types and their limitations as some visas allow the migrants to work for an occupation listed in the consolidated skilled occupation list (SOL) or its equivalent. There are other special migration categories like General skilled migration visas or employer sponsored visas where candidates show evidence that their assessed skills are perfectly suitable for the nominated occupation. In case of family stream migrations, there are plenty of options for dependent children, parents, relatives, spouse and other eligible Australian or New Zealand citizens.
    • Hence, before lodging an application for migrating to Australia, get your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority to confirm that you are applying for the right type of visa category. At the same time, keep yourself informed about the latest changes and updates in immigration process by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Australia. If you are still confused about the visa procedures and eligibility requirements, try to hire an immigration agent who can help you out with the paperwork throughout the process.

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