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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to http://www.aussiedigest.com/

If you want to continue to browse or use our website, you need to adhere to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of aussiedigest.com which are listed here.

The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

  • The entire contents of our website are meant for your use and general information and it is either fully or partially liable for amendments with no prior intimation.


  • Please note that we do not give a guarantee or warranty regarding the suitability, timeliness or accuracy of the information for a specific purpose.
  • There may be slight errors or inaccurate information which neither a third party nor the website will claim responsibility and we will not be accountable for such errors as allowed by law.
  • We request you to make sure that your specific requirements are met through the products, services and information availed to you through our website. You should use these products and services at your own responsibility and risk and we cannot be held responsible for anything which may arise from their use.

Our Obligations to You

The http://www.aussiedigest.com/ website gives practice test and related materials which will help you in preparation for the aussiedigest and will also assist you in your evaluation of your level of preparation for the exam. If you subscribe to our website you agree to use our website material only for training purposes and it does not have any bearing on your final result in the test. We do not promise you success in the test or guarantee you being granted Australian citizenship if you become a member of our website.


We own or hold the license to the entire website materials and content of the website http://www.aussiedigest.com/. The layouts, designs, graphics, appearance, looks and more are also included. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce any of these items in the absence of a copyright notice. If you register with our website, you are allowed a conditional and non exclusive license to use the materials from the website for non-commercial and personal use but you cannot create copies or print any of it while viewing it. http://www.aussiedigest.com prohibits you from amending, copying, reproducing, uploading, re publishing, posting, transmitting or distributing any of the materials in it. You are strictly prohibited to use any materials of the http://www.aussiedigest.com/ which is not specifically allowed in this Notice of Copyright.

Third Party Links

http://www.aussiedigest.com may give links to other websites from time to time. We provide these links for accessing extra information contained in these other websites. These links do not serve as an endorsement of the other websites and we hold no responsibility for the material and contents which they provide.

Advertising Programs

Available advertisement programs from the internet may be run on this website from time to time. We strongly advise our users who are already registered against using these programs for the purpose of entering into the website because this reduces the chances of new customers entering into it. The short and simple means of accessing the system while not using advertising programs will be given to you by us. Anyone who violates these terms by making use of the advertising links in excess of a specific number of times will be liable to have their account suspended by us.

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