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AEAF Awards

AEAF Awards

Australian Effects and Animation Festival is an international competition for visual effects as well as creation of animation. It will consider entries from all over the world and then screen them. These awards are the recognition of creative along with technical excellence in using visual effects and creative animation.

AEAF awards eligibility criteria includes following:

  • Technical skills in visual effects.
  • Visual effects along with artistry.
  • Level of quality in visual effects.
  • Appropriateness in animation.
  • Story telling about the whole project.

Judgment for AEAF 2014 awards will include below categories:

  • Commercials Animation
  • Commercials VFX
  • Feature Films Animation
  • Feature Films VFX
  • Web Viral
  • Titles, Idents & Stings
  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • TV Series
  • Flash� Animation
  • Student
  • Games Cinematics
  • Education & Training

AEAF 2014 is 18th year and closing date for entries will be 30th May 2014 while winners along with finalists will be shown in a screening event that will be held on 9th July 2014. General entry rules for AEAF awards will be as follows:

Animation/VFX categories in their entries need to use significant amount of effects as well as animation.

  • All the entries must be designed using Digital Media Technology only.
  • Finalists will be chosen depending upon artistic and craft media by board of judges.
  • Winners in all categories will be determined on highest score which is aggregation of scores from all judges.
  • Incase if there is a tie among the winners in any categories then Festival Director will have decide and vote for the winner.

To send an entry to AEAF awards following are to be submitted:

  • �� Entry form which is completed.
  • �� DVD’s should be in any one of the digital media PAL, NTSC format and Region code 0 through 4.
  • �� Preferred format of DVD will be 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Winners and finalists of AEAF awards in all categories will be given Gold, Silver or Bronze medals respectively. Awards reel will be screened on July 30th 2014 in Sydney,�Australia at a gala event.

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