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Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Australian Small Business Champion Awards

The Australian Small Business Champions Award is considered a widespread and esteemed program that acknowledges and supports small scale businesses organizations across Australia.

The award aims to felicitate exceptional talents in small businesses and recognizes their hard work. Business owners contributing to the Australian community and generating employment for the nation and economy of the country are nationally recognized for their effort.

The award is recognition of the values allied with businesses in Australia.


The Australian Small Business Champions Award started off in 1999. Then, it was called the NSW Small Business Champion of Champion Awards that succeeded in acknowledging some of the outstanding business performances in the state of New South Wales.

Precedent Productions is responsible for developing and managing this comprehensive award. Over the years, the Australian Small Business champions Award has grown to become a flagship program that recognizes excellence in Australian small businesses.


Any small business can be a part of this award within the service, manufacturing and retail industries. Eligibility is dictated by the total number of full-time positions or equivalent within the organization. In order to consider eligibility for entering the award, the business needs to be:

Service or Retail Business having 40 employees

Manufacturing Business should have 100 employees


Small businesses in Australia that meet the aforesaid eligibility requirements are sent invitations to submit their entry based on the criteria for the award contained in the entry form.

Entry forms are sent out to small businesses via direct mail, targeted databases and sponsors. Forms can be downloaded from the website as well.

Complete entries must be submitted in accordance with all the terms and conditions, to be received by the date of closing in order to be considered as an entrant to the award.

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