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Australian Citizenship Test Practice Questions and Answers

Date :  21 / 02 / 2024

To avail Citizenship in Australia an year old resident need to undergo Australian Citizenship test to be referred as a Citizen of Australia and also requires individual to meet the basic requirement to take a Citizenship test. The Australian Citizenship Test is required to measure the English language grasp of the applicants and understand the tradition, national values and history.

If you are aware of what exactly the citizenship test does have and what to do for the following. To an individual, practice test will be helpful to overcome obstacles of which are held by a person who gets on with the Citizenship Exam directly before going through a real time Citizenship test to understand the Australian Citizenship Exam pattern. The Australian Citizenship Test questions are of 20 to which an individual applicant requires to score 15 which estimates to an 75% of marks as pass grade to the test.


Which is the date when citizenship ceremonies are held across the nation?

What are the various colors in Australian National Flag?

On which portion does the Southern Cross in Australian National flag locate?

What are the names on three important parts in Australian Flag?

What is the reason of First Fleet?s arrival from Great Britain in the year 1788?

Which one of the following are Official flags of Australia?

On which day is the sacrifice of Australians who died working on peace making operation memorized?

What does the union jack represents in Australian National flag?

Where in the Australian flag lies the common wealth star?

State the number of important parts that is included in Australian Aboriginal flag.

What is the name of the flag with black, red and yellow colors?

When does the Prime Minister announce ?the Australian on the year? in Canberra?

What is the significance of 25th April in Australian every year?

State the name of Great Britain flag that lies on Australian National Flag.

What is the color of top half portion in Australian Aboriginal flag?

Why is Anzac day celebrated as the anniversary day from great Britain in 1788?

What are the 3 colors in the Aboriginal flag of Australia?

Which group of stars that we view on southern sky lies on Australian National Flag?

State the name of commander of the first fllet

Which is the date of people?s committing prosperity and rejoice in future?

Minimum pass for the test is 75%
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