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Australian Webby Awards

Australian Webby Awards

Australian Webby Awards (exalted International Academy of Arts and Sciences (IADAS) collaboration) is the paramount torch-bearer in the domain of International Award for best global sites.


Entrenched in 1996, the Webby Awards Program has reached the zenith strengthening the bond betwixt internet community and industry around the world. Elevated as a part of The Web in 1996, a magazine from the tech publisher IDG, Webby Awards now embellishes a redoubtable award in above 100 categories. The Webby Awards took their small step by coalescing $30,000 and in-kind donations from 11 companies. Awards in 15 categories were bestowed on by neophyte.


Prodigious involvement in Australian Webby Awards motivates it to confer two honors in every category -The Webby Award and the Webby People’s Voice Award. The nominees and winners in each category are privileged by members of IADS. The online community discerns the Webby People’s Voice. The judging criteria together with creativity and experience for the transcendence are:

  • Websites and Mobile: Content, Structure and Navigation, Visual Design, Functionality, Interactivity
  • Interactive Advertising and Media: Integration
  • Online Film and Video: Concept and Writing, Quality of Craft, Integration
  • Social: Content, Engagement.


Eligibility criteria is not irking nevertheless the entries should be veracious and no spec work is appraised. No restrictions have been imposed on the number of entries as these awards are feasible for the past Webby Awards Winners. They are open to all organizations and communities that are active during the same year.

Entries that contain pornographic material, invoke "hate" messages, containing malicious statements are not eligible.

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