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Awards in Australia

Awards in Australia
Awards are the medals or trophies given to those people who excel in particular field. These awards will let everyone know that they are recognized persons in those fields. These awards not only recognize the success but also acknowledge other qualities such as ability, struggle, effort as well as excellence. In general awards are represented by trophies, titles, certificates, badges, medals or pins. Each medal or trophy for particular awards is designed to represent that award speciality.
Generally awards are presented by an organization or an institution. These awards are given to the persons by celebrating award function in a grand way. At these award functions celebrities are invited as guests and the awards are presented by sponsors or organizations. These sponsored or organized companies select head of the companies such as marketing managers or regional managers to honour the award to particular awardee.
Award function starts by announcing nominations and then they will be sending ballots. Later on actual ceremonies will be held by inviting guests, celebrities, nominees and general public.
Following are the famous Australian awards:
  • ASTRA Awards
  • AFI/AACTA Awards
  • MTV Movie Awards
  • Modern Awards
  • IAB Awards
  • Helpmann Awards
  • Australia Awards
  • Australian Event Awards
  • Australian of the Year Awards
  • ACUMA Awards

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