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Student Visa

Student Visa

If you are a student and want to study or pursue any course in Australia, you can get all the information online. Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia have provided detailed information on its website. Go through the official website and some other useful websites, you can get proper information on student visa after selecting right options.

Making the Checklist before Applying for Student Visa

Before applying for your student visa, make a checklist of requirements. Keep following things in mind while making the checklist:

Your Country:

Be aware of the fact that in Australia, immigration rules are not same for all countries. Be sure that your country has got that level of assessment under which you are planning to get the student visa.

Type of Course

Make a proper future plan and finalize the type of course you want to study in Australia. Gather all the information on the availability of job opportunity after completion of your study in Australia.

Working in Australia after Commencement of your Course

To supplement your expenses, you can also work in Australia after commencement of your course. Know about all the rules regarding this.


Sponsored training visas are also available for Australia. If you are already in a profession and for further advancement of career, you can get sponsors. Be acquainted with these facilities.

Bringing Dependents with you

While pursuing your study in Australia, your dependents can also accompany you and eligible dependents can also study and work in Australia while staying with you. However, they have to apply for a different student visa to avail this facility. Understand all the legal formalities you have to complete, in case you are bringing dependents with you.

Financial matters

Estimate the cost of your study and stay in Australia. If you are able to bear the expenses, then only proceed for the student visa application. Otherwise search for sponsors or try to know that whether you can work in Australia while studying on the basis of your present qualification.

You have to make payment for applying student visa and the amount will not be refunded if the application is rejected.

Also know what will happen if:

  • You want to change the course or education provider
  • You want to extend your stay
  • The education providers authorization to deliver your course is removed
  • Visa conditions in changing situations

It is better to know about most of the things related to student visa prior to your travel to Australia, than putting yourself in trouble after reaching there.

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