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Travel in Australia

Travel in Australia

Australia - This is one country any traveller would want to visit. Visiting Australia is like visiting half of the globe! The landscapes and people with varied and broad culture make for a great experience. If you want to deviate from the ‘usual’ way of spending vacations in busy streets and crowded malls, an experience with Australia’s nature and its aboriginal settlers will be a trip worth your time and money.

Nature Beckons the Nature Lover: Australia offers visitors the chance to savour what nature has to offer. Australia’s picturesque woodlands, grassland, plains, tropical forests and its coastal areas beckons anyone wanting to experience nature’s way of giving the perfect way of spending a vacation. A haven of wildlife awaits every visitor at the Kangaroo Island. Pelicans, penguins and sea lions have their natural way of entertaining guests. The Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest. You may just sit and watch at the migratory birds, waterfalls and prehistoric crocodiles. For more fun and adventure, immense yourself with the parks, flora and fauna as you walk rugged trails.

Live and Learn with the Aborigines: The aborigines are one of Australia’s pride. Their culture, beliefs, traditions and myths have been passed from generation to generation. It forms part of Australia’s diverse culture. The outbacks of Australia give you a glimpse of traditional way of life. You give yourself a different experience as you learn the aborigines’ way of crafting ‘equipments’ they use in their daily life. Fishing spears are a product of their skills learned from forefathers. Myths are still the stories of the night and this is complemented with a campfire and the famous Australian wine.

Accommodations Especially for You: Australia offers accommodations designed to suit the taste of every visitor. The hotel and tourism industry is competitive with the rest of the world. Accommodations come with unique offerings and experience defining the country’s landscapes and diversity. Lodgings and camping grounds are operated showcasing the country’s warmth, hospitality and a total Australian experience.

A Taste of Australia’s Famous Wine: Wining and dining at Australia’s restaurants is an experience worth remembering. Australia boasts of chefs and winemakers learned and mastered their craft from experience. In Australia’s Wine Capital, you get to taste from a variety of choices from its many cellar doors. If you want to know more about the wine on your daily dinner table, here, you get to know the secrets of wine-making as you visit their wineries.

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