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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa
Australian working holiday visa is only requires if a person shows interest to work at Australia in their Holidays. These visas are applicable for people aged between 18 to 30 years only. It will be providing chance to citizens of various countries that to earn for their travel funds through short-term employment opportunities available in Australia.
This Australian working holiday visa will be valid for a time-period of 12 months, since the date of their first entry into Australia. It will not take into account whether the person spends his/her whole time in Australia or not. But this type of visa can be extended only on one condition for 12 months, if the individual will be working in specified rural areas of Australia in their first entry.
Working holiday visa in Australia will be allowing any type of temporary or casual work. But this will restrict if the person is working with only one employer for more than six months. These visas are even given to the students who are planning to study or willing to go on aboard with training course of time-period 4 months.
These Australian working holiday visas are classified in two types that are:
  • Working Holiday - 417
  • Work and Holiday – 462
  • Their main aim is to encourage cultural exchanges along with closer tie ups with the agreement countries.

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