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Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia

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Australia is the third largest destination for international students seeking higher studies in professional courses from reputed universities. Australia has open education system with wide opportunities for all groups coming from different backgrounds and ethnicity. Many English-speaking students belonging to other countries prefer studying in Australia because of its large cultural diversity and enhanced adaptability.

Australian Study Visa Programs for International Students

With seven top notch universities containing more than 20,000 courses, Australia stands eighth position in the University System Ranking ahead of other popular countries like UK, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. For full time higher education or postgraduate courses, people consider Australian Universities as the hottest destinations due to its low cost of living and affordable tuition fee.

Why Prefer Australia for Studies?

  • Many immigrants from other countries mainly choose Australian colleges and universities due to its robust curriculum, world’s best infrastructure, quality study options, first-class faculty and easy affordability. The multicultural and diversified environment, top-notch education and excellent academics provided by these universities attracted thousands of international students every year.
  • Regardless of what the students are studying and how long they are studying for, Australia is committed to provide best education to all academic levels with different abilities. Most of the universities and educational institutions in Australia dedicate themselves to provide quality education and training to the international students focusing mainly on career development aspects. By studying in Australia, students get the chance to augment their professional and technical knowledge in different innovative fields.
  • To provide nationally consistent educational standards for international students, the Australian Government has also enacted many policies such as the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS) and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 (National Code). With the implementation of above said legislation rules, students studying in Australia are now experiencing assured high quality education and rewarding learning experience.

Various Study Visas in Australia:

Australia has vast and flexible student visa program with wide options for various levels of education. With temporary study visas, students can stay and study in Australia for a specified time length at any authorized educational institution.

Based on the academic levels, international students with good English language skills can lodge their application for various visa categories such as university visa, training visa, English language course visa, school visa, informal study visa etc. Under the Student Visa program, students can apply for Australian study visas through two visa procedural types - Assessment level procedure and Streamline processing.

Important Requirements to Study in Australia:

Apart from the basic requirements (academic qualification, language skills, health coverage and affordability), it is also very important to have a valid visa that allows foreign students to stay in Australia for higher studies.

To begin studying in Australia, the first thing students must know is what type of study visa is appropriate for their academic qualification and what is the right procedure for visa processing. You can learn more information about student study visas and the application process by visiting any Australian immigration website.

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