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Immigration Points Calculator

Immigration Points Calculator

Know more about Australian Immigration Points Calculator

If you are young, intelligent and a qualified person with good English skills, then you can think of applying for Australian visa on either permanent or temporary residency basis under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. All applicants can migrate under the category of Skilled Independent, Skilled Sponsored or Skilled Regional Sponsored visa, provided they meet the strict threshold criteria as specified by the Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship (DIAC). Qualifying for the visa depends on the total points earned by the applicant when assessed by a point-based system called immigration point’s calculator.

What is an Immigration Point's Calculator?

Immigration point’s calculator is an assessment tool that helps to analyze whether the candidate is perfectly suitable for Australian immigration. Points allotted for each requirement under General Skilled Migration category vary based on the applicant’s age, eligibility, educational background, English skills and previous work experience. Of course, for skilled sponsored visas the applicant must have an additional requirement of sponsorship by an eligible relative living in Australia or by a state/territory government.

The main criterion to consider before proceeding further with the assessment process is the applicants’ age. If the age of the applicant is 50 or above then he/she will get disqualified to proceed further with the application processing. There are many immigration points’ calculators available online that can help you determine if you would qualify for the visa under the Australian immigration point system.

Points Required for Australian Skilled Visas:

Getting the required number of points does not really guarantee the visa approval, but to apply for the skilled worker visa it is important to achieve at least minimum pass mark points. According to the Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship (DIAC), an applicant must acquire at least minimum of 65 points to get the eligibility for filing a visa application under various categories of GSM program. There is nothing to worry if you do not get enough tallies when assessed by the immigration point’s calculator. In fact, you can always get those extra additional points by improving the IELTS scores, gaining more work experience, or continue education by joining the professional year courses in Australia.

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