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Driving Knowledge Online Free Practise Test 2014

DKT Test

DKT History

The practice DKT has been planned to help people prepare for the DKT before attempting to register it at a written record or different testing location. It enables you to become familiar with the test and helps you to select if you are ready to take the test. It also lets expert drivers test their knowledge of the road rules.

The practice DKT appearances and functions like the genuine test. It consists of 20 questions per page which has been drawn from the DKT question bank and is presented in English

Unlike the genuine test, the practice DKT will let you to complete the entire 20-question test per page with respective to the number of incorrect answers. At the end of the practice DKT you will be guided whether you would have passed or failed the sample test.

The sample test on DKT is offered for the following licence courses:

  • Car
  • Rigid for licence categories like lightweight Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR) and significant Rigid (HR)
  • Combination for licence categories significant such as Heavy Combination (HC) and Multi Combination (MC)
  • Motorcycle
  • SMV motorbike (with special quality vehicle restriction)
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