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Australian Retail Awards

Australian Retail Awards


Australian Retailers Association (ARA) was founded in 1903. The industry body represents the retail sector of Australia, which involves 1.2 million people and investment of $265 billion. More than 5, 000 independent and national retail members have registered with the ARA. The association regularly updates its members about business developments in retail sector throughout Australia. It also provides protection, education and legal support to its members.
The ARA has been paying tribute to successful retailer for over 40 years. However, the award reinvigorated in 2008 and since then Australian Retail Awards plays a vital role in bringing successful retailers from the shop to a national platform. The ARA also helps the retailers and entrepreneurs in growing their business. Currently, the retail award program conducted by the ARA is only one of its kinds in Australia.
The ARA encourages significant contributions towards retail industry including recognized brands, proprietor operators, innovators, reputed employers and small to medium endeavors and graduates.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Australian retailer who has over 10 stores can participate in ARA competition.
At first the participant has to submit ‘intention to nominate’ online. Then the aspirant can go for the actual submission by sending both soft copies and hard copies of the submission to respective ARA offices via post.
The participants are asked a number of questions regarding business development, marketing, evaluation and rating of success, leadership, etc.
During the selection procedure, approach of the applicant towards the criteria and presentation skills is more important. Judges expect detailed, informative and creative answers from the participants.


Mission of the ARA includes:
  • Maintaining the top position among Australia’s retail organizations.
  • Encouraging and defending the retail sector in Australia by setting norms of business both for members and industry through support, guidance, education and services.


The ARA ensures meticulousness, professionalism and reliability through transparent interactions with all its stakeholders.
The retail industry body makes every effort to deliver better-quality products, services and solutions which build candid retailers.
Competent guardianship of the ARA ensures continuous and sustainable development of the retailers and the industry.
Above all, respecting each other, constant support and encouragement among members and the association are the keys to success of retail industry.

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