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Visas Information Booklets

Visas Information Booklets

Visas Information Booklets are designed to help you understand who can travel to Australia and how to apply for a visa to Australia. You can find different types of Visas Information Booklets depending on the type of migrant. Visas Information Booklets are available for following categories:

  • Child Migration
  • Partner Migration
  • Parent Migration
  • Other Family Migration
  • Employer Sponsored Migration
  • Points Based Skilled Migration
  • Business Skills Entry
  • Temporary Work (Skilled)
  • Business Innovation and Investment
  • Skill Select

Again you can get categorization of main categories and inside the booklet you can get all relevant information on that particular type of visa and an application form as well.

Information inside Visas Information Booklet

Inside a Visas Information Booklet you can find general information on following points:

  • Basic requirements
  • Sponsorship
  • Assurance of Support
  • Costs and charges
  • Living in Australia
  • Dependents

Subsequently information on special categories and further you can find information on following points:

  • Health and character
  • Preparing your application
  • Processing visa applications

Basically, Visas Information Booklets are intended to provide you concrete information about one particular type of visa. From Visas Information Booklets, you can get all the required information on that particular visa type, you belong to.

Many people hire migration agents to get their work done. But, Visas Information Booklets recommend you not to hire them. In case you need their help, then hire registered agents only. From the booklet you can get sufficient information on how to apply for a visa legally. You may not need an agent to get a visa for Australia after going through it.

  • Visas Information Booklets are the perfect guide to show you the way. The booklets have answers to all your questions such as:
  • How to apply for a visa to Australia?
  • Where to apply?
  • Where you should be at time of application lodgment?
  • What are the required documents?
  • What should be your eligibility to migrate to Australia?
  • How to handle your career in Australia?
  • What will happen if you want to take dependents with you?
  • What will happen if you are changing your address during the process of application?
  • What to do if your application gets rejected?

And you can get answers to many other questions as well.

Hence, before starting visa application procedure never forget to go through Visas Information Booklets.

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