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Logie Awards

Logie Awards

Logie Awards are the famous awards which are awarded in Australian Television Industry with TV Week being sponsor. This awards function has started since 15th of January 1959. For the first time, it has been conducted in Melbourne and the statue that awarded was not named at the time of event, but later it is called as Gold Logie.

History of Logie Awards

Initially Logie awards are known as TV Week Awards because as it was being awarded by TV Week a famous magazine. It was in the year of 1958. But the formal beginning of the awards has started from the year of 1959 only. The first year there was no ceremony celebrated for this awards function but awards were presented in an episode of famous television show called as “In Melbourne Tonight”. The host of this award ceremony was Googie Withers and only celebrities of TV shows were nominated. There were total of 8 categories in which awards were distributed which included two famous televisions shows that are directed and broadcasted in America.

In the year 1960, Gold Logie statues were presented, which has been celebrated in the month of January at Savoy Private Hotel that is located in Brighton, Melbourne. Hugh O’ Brian was guest presenter in the event. In the year 1962, 10th Logie Awards were celebrated on 22nd March at Melbourne and Bert Newton is the host of this event. From this year Logie Awards is being broadcast on Nine Network. But since year 1970, this event is aired during the prime time. In the year of 2008, 50th Logie Awards were celebrated.

Eligibility Criteria

Logie awards have certain eligibility criteria to get nominated as well as to be award winner. It is highly essential that for programs to get nominated or receive a Logie need to be an Australian along with Australian being produced, set in and also cast in Australia only.

Award Categories

Logie Awards has mainly classified in to two types that are Public voted categories and Industry voted categories.

Public Voted Categories

Public voted categories are of ten and are as follows:

  • Most Popular Personality on Australian Television (Gold Logie)
  • Most Popular Actor
  • Most Popular Actress
  • Most Popular Presenter
  • Most Popular New Talent
  • Most Popular Drama Program
  • Most Popular Light Entertainment Program
  • Most Popular Reality Program
  • Most Popular Sports Program
  • Most Popular Lifestyle Program

Industry Voted Categories

Industry voted categories are of 11 and are:

  • Most Outstanding Actor
  • Most Outstanding Actress
  • Most Outstanding Newcomer
  • Most Outstanding Drama Series
  • Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie
  • Most Outstanding News Coverage
  • Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report
  • Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program
  • Most Outstanding Sports Coverage
  • Most Outstanding Children's Program
  • Most Outstanding Factual Program

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