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Australian Diva Awards

Australian Diva Awards


The annual Drag Industry Variety Awards (DIVA) was established in the year 1991 by 3 persons named David Wilkins, Penny Clifford and Ian Jopson who aimed to recognize and reward drag queens of Sydney and talent of people belong to the local gay entertainment industry.

The first DIVA function held at DCM nightclub, Oxford St and it was a big hit.  Afterwards, the award ceremony held at different locations such as Shangri-la Hotel, the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Town Hall, and the Showroom at Star City Casino.

As years passed by, the three founders of DIVA award felt that it is difficult for 3 people to manage the show. Hence, they made some changes in the awards night, formed a committee and a not for profit company for management of the annual DIVA ceremony. The company is committed to reward and promote Sydney drag community being independent, relevant, and focused.

Criteria of Australian Diva Awards

The Australian DIVA Awards are presented in various categories. The eligibility criteria of each award are decided by DIVA judges, DIVA board and the public. The awards and their criteria are listed below:

1.       Queen Of Hearts

Eligibility Criteria: The contestant who had served the Sydney gay community through the publicity of affirming messages of gay and lesbian community within drag performance, and/or raising funds for gay and lesbian organizations.

2.       Technical Contribution

Eligibility Criteria: The participant must have worked in the fields of choreography, sound editing, picturesque set design, lighting, costume creation etc. and his work has been used in the past twelve months within ceremony venues, parties and special events. Uniqueness, creativity, array of designs and excellence are the main criteria of winning the award.

3.       Best Costumed Show

Eligibility Criteria: The show must be continuing not less than four weeks or the costumes have been used in at least four performances within a three months time before the presentation of DIVA Awards. Uniqueness, creativeness and an exceptional attempt in the costuming are the most important criteria of this category.

4.       Variety Award

Eligibility Criteria: Persons or groups, putting effort outside the conventional mimed drag show format, using a range of aspects and/or media in their presentation within 1 year period of time before DIVA Awards night, are eligible to participate in this category. Presentation in non-traditional format, using unique materials of own, dependence on own voice, live music instead of tapped ones are major criteria of this category.

5.       Entertainer of the Year

Eligibility Criteria: Outstanding drag entertainer performing in various events within last 1 year. The main criteria of this DIVA Award category are ingenuity, originality and excellence in work and capacity to move the audience through brilliant performance.

6.       Show of the Year

Eligibility Criteria: To be awarded as ‘Show of the Year’ at DIVA Awards night, a show must be running at least 4 weeks or presented on stage at least 4 times within a 3 month period before presentation of awards. Uniqueness, creativeness, use of appropriate costume and choreography and a constant excellence record are the most significant criteria of this category.

7.       The DIVA Moment

Eligibility Criteria: This is an extraordinary performance by an artist or cast in a programme, event or spot that makes the Drag community feel proud. An impressive performance is the only criteria of this category. Nominations for this award are done by DIVA judges and they can only take decisions on it. This particular award may not be presented every year.

Some other awards voted by the public are listed below:

8.       Most Popular Male Dancer

9.       Bitch Of The Year

10.   Most Popular DJ

11.   Favourite Drag Personality

The eligibility criteria of these awards is the artist must have performed for at least four consecutive weeks or four consecutive shows in a three months time before DIVA Awards.

And the Most Popular Show award is selected among the shows which have been performed for four consecutive weeks or staged four times within a period of three months.

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