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Australian Institute of Architects Awards

The architectural industry in Australia forms a very important part of the building and construction industry of Australia. It is next to impossible to construct the town houses, major housing, commercial buildings, high rise buildings and others without the help of the architects. This is why, likewise other countries, the architects, who carry an amazing deal of accountability in the process of construction are highly respected and regarded in Australia.

The Australian Institute of Architects Awards work as a great opportunity for the peer and public recognitions of the work of the architects as well as these awards offer the institute with a precise mechanism in order to promote the architecture and the architects both in Australia and internationally. The main goal of this award is to recognize and celebrate the excellence and the outstanding achievements in the field of architecture.

Besides, this award also recognizes the most distinguished services offered by any architect, who has executed or designed the building or high merit or has produced some work of huge distinction in order to facilitate or promote the knowledge of the architecture that has endowed the career of architecture in a distinguished or exceptional way to merit this award. In the exceptional cases, these awards are also offered to a certain group of individual architects, who can demonstrate that they have met the above criteria collectively.

The main categories of this award include:

Urban Design, Public Architecture, Interior Architecture, Commercial Architecture, Residential Architecture (Alterations and additions, Multiple Housing categories) and the Steel Architecture.

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