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Australian Farmer of the Year Awards

Australian Farmer of the Year Awards

Farmer of the Year Award – How Australians celebrate their growers

What the Award is about:

This Award was started in the year 2009 with the intent of recognizing farmers and their contribution to society at large.  There are 9 categories – Dairy, Grain, Diversification, Horticulture, Eggs, Livestock, Bio-Security, Agricultural Student of the Year and one for Young Farmer.

Why it is important:

Farmers around the world play an important role in producing food.  Many of them are now working on innovative methods of growing and managing their resources like livestock.  Since farming is impacted by changes in weather and also growing demand for organic produce, farmers are coming up with innovative ways to make ensure that it can be done.  

Who is eligible:

Those who work in any of the fields and focused on improving methods of growing, eliminating disease risks are eligible. 

The main aim is to highlight innovation, promote and generate enthusiasm in the agricultural sector.  Images and information should be included with the entry form.  Contestants will be interviewed and a visit to properties will be made to ensure accuracy. 


Applicants have to describe their enterprise, why specific practices were started, how difficulties were overcome, who was involved in the process, impact on business and potential uses for industry and community at large. 

The awards were announced on September 10th 2014.  Here’s a list of winners in different categories.


·         Farmer of the Year – Robert Green, Lenswood, SA

·         Horticultural Grower – Robert Green, Lenswood, SA

·         Livestock Producer – Joanne Stritch – Wandin, N. VIC

·         Dairy Farmer – Greg Dennis, Tamrookum, QLD

·         Egg Farmer – Danny Jones, Devonport, TAS

·         Diversification – Brian Ahmed, Werribee, South VIC

·         Young Farmer – Jack England Kingston, SE SA

·         Bio-Security Farmer – Shannon Paton and Sarah Schultz, Innisfail, QLD

·         Agricultural Student – Roxanne Mostert, Redmond WA

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