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About the Australian Citizenship Test

About the Citizenship Test

Applying for an Australian citizenship means you are committed to becoming a responsible and law-abiding citizen of Australia. There is a call to commit in Australia and its people and what the country represents, believes and stands for. Becoming an Australian citizen means you are also given the same benefits, privileges, rights, and liberties that the rest of the Australian nationals have. This means you will be able to enjoy the country's resources and opportunities as well.

australian citizenship test

If you are residing in Australia and intends to become an Australian citizen, sitting for the Australian citizenship is the step you have to take. The test consists of 20 multiple questions about Australia’s history, culture, people, and similar topics. Basically, it is a questionnaire that asks of Australia and how well you know and understand this country. To be able to make it to the citizenship, you need to have a passing score of 75 percent. There is a resource book entitled

Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond in which almost all of the questions in the citizenship test are derived. Just to learn and comprehend this book by heart will make you pass the exam. There are also ways on how to pass the citizenship exam, such as practicing for a test in which group of sample questionnaires are provided. Practicing the test allows you to feel how the actual citizenship test feels like. If you were able to attain the 75 percent passing grade, then you will be notified of the date of your ceremony. The Australian Citizenship Pledge in the Australian citizenship ceremony is the final step before you can call yourself a citizen of Australia. After you have pledged in your ceremony, you then can proudly say I am Australian.

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