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Australian Citizenship Test Resource

Australia is very helpful and friendly to its immigrants. In fact, when applying for a citizenship, there is a resource book that can really be of great help in passing the citizenship test. The citizenship test resource book is called Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond in which it tackles and presents significant and relevant information about Australia. This book talks about Australian people, their beliefs, rights, culture, benefits, privileges, liberties, government, rules, policies, laws, history, relevant past, and achievements. Suffice it to say, the resource book has all the information you need to prepare for the citizenship test.

It is highly recommended that you take full advantage of the resource book. It is in this book where your passing mark in the Australian citizenship test relies. To make it more accessible to applicants, there are various versions and ways in which you can avail and get hold of the resource book. For one, there are downloadable copies from the internet. There are also video versions of the resource book uploaded on YouTube. There are also versions of “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond” in different languages.

Once you have known all the Australian information by heart, it is also highly recommended that you take the Australian citizenship practice test. Just like the actual citizenship test, the practice test contains question derived from the resource book. If you have given time and fully comprehended the resource book, there is a big chance that you will pass the Australian citizenship test.

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