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Australian Citizenship Fees

To become an official member of Australian civilization you require applying for citizenship. If you do so and are recognized then your privileges, opportunities and rights, would be equal to that were born in Australia, and you would no longer require to apply for visas to live there. The diverse sorts of applications and the associated Australian citizenship fees are as below:

· General Eligibility - Conferral submission Form 1300t needs a fee of AUD285. Kids (below 16) applying alongside with parents in the identical application-form require not pay any added fee. This application authorize for a reduction of 40 Australian-dollars. Residency test is compulsory for the processing of the application.

· Other Situations (Extraordinary) - Conferral application-Form 1290 needs a fee of AUD180. Residency test is not needed for this application. There are concessions of 20 Australian-dollars. Children (below 16) using the identical form require not pay any distinct fees.

· Australian Citizenship Proof - Proof Form 119 for present citizenship needs a fee of AUD190.

· Australian Citizenship Renewal Resumption application-Form 132 for recommencing citizenship is complemented by a processing payment of AUD70.

· Residency of Australia by Ancestry By descent application- Form 118 needs a fee of AUD230 for the principle applicant and AUD 95 for the brothers and sisters processing their residency concurrently.

· Inter-country Adoption Inter-country acceptance following the whole Hauge-Convention with the Form 1272 needs a fee of AUD230. Brothers and sisters, who are applying along require paying AUD95.

· Australian Residency Renunciation Rejection Form 128 needs AUD285.


The general reductions on the Australian residency fees, particularly for those by conferral, are made accessible to the owners of one of the following,

· Health Care Card

· Pensioner Discount Card


A fee discount is available to several Department of Human Services (Centre-link) and Department of Veterans' Affairs retirees and discount card holders.


This is suggested that the Australian citizenship fees be paid by using a credit-card if the request is completed online or dispatched from overseas. Debit-cards are discouraged for that application through by post. Any request made overseas will require the candidate to make payment of the Australian citizenship fees in the native currency following the local procedures.

You can also consult with an immigration agent, as they are experienced in the residency application procedure. Failed applications will not disturb your permanent residence visa or your capability to remain living in Australia, but you would not get your application-fee refunded.  The immigrant requires making sure that he meets all the necessities on years of experience, education, language skills and compliance.

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