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Book Australian Citizenship Test

Acquiring Australian citizenship is much sought-after by people from countries all over the world. Australia is one of the first choices for a person to emigrate and settle down as it offers so many opportunities to the young and old alike. Young people are able to get a good education and lucrative jobs and there are excellent retirement programs in place for older people. Hence, writing the Australian Citizenship Test for getting Australian citizenship is in great demand. However, there are certain procedures to be followed to book the Australian Citizenship test.

Eligibility to Apply

Once you have decided to apply for Australian citizenship, the first important thing to do is to book the Australian Citizenship Test as it is mandatory to pass this test for becoming an Australian Citizen. Here are a few tips to put you in the right direction for booking the test:

  • Locate the nearest test center
  • Find out about your eligibility
  • Know the different application options in line with different eligibility criteria (you can get this information either from the net or from an Australian Citizen Test center).
  • Keep all the required documents handy
  • Make the required number of copies and get copies certified where required

How to Book the Australian Citizenship Test

The appointment for appearing for this test is usually issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, once your application has been reviewed. These tests are conducted at the departmental offices in all major cities, Centrelink offices, Medicare centers, and some other selected locations. One can find the local test center by looking up the DIAC website. Whether applications are sent from within Australia or overseas, they will be marked and evaluated within Australia.

One should expect a slight delay in case of applications from outside Australia. The local Australian Consulate, High Commission or Embassy will help such applicants in making an appointment and applying for the citizenship test. There is no separate fee for the Australian Citizenship Test – it is included in the charges incurred while applying for citizenship.

Once the candidate receives the notification, they should contact the local test centre after which there will be a waiting period. Later, the applicant will be contacted and the test date will be given. The waiting period may vary depending on the center and its test schedule. There are many free aids available for gathering information in preparation for the test, so the candidate is encouraged to browse these sites for getting information which is relevant to the test questions. It is advisable to pay special attention to the official immigration websites.

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