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International Postgraduate Research Scholarships


The International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) is a scholarship funded by the Commonwealth Government for international students on the basis of academic merit and research potential which is administered by the ACU. An IPRS scholarship will cover your tuition expenses and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and provides a stipend, but travel expenditure will not be paid. A thesis allowance is funded in order to cover the cost of printing and then binding the thesis.

Award Conditions

According to the conditions of the award:
  • The tenure will be fixed at two years for Masters Honors students and three years for those pursuing a Doctorate degree
  • Students from any overseas country other than New Zealand, who are starting a new research degree course and do not already hold any equivalent degree are eligible to apply for the scholarship
  • Applicants who apply to coursework awards are not eligible, even if the degree contains research component in it
  • Those students who have already started their research degree are NOT eligible for this award.
Students who are eligible for consideration of an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship will be ranked by the UWS Research Committee Scholarship Panel, depending on the recommendation from the host School of the Research Centre or Research Group. Eligible applicants should have an academic record that is equivalent to an Australian 1st Class Bachelor Honors degree.
In order to apply, your application must include evidence showing that a suitable supervisor is always available to supervise your proposed project in a UWS Research Centre. An academic advisor is always available in each of the Research Centre to discuss regarding your admission and help you in identifying a suitable supervisor. 
All applicants should submit a research proposal and certified copies of the transcripts and certificates of completion. Students should also submit the IPRS application form.  Students can submit the evidence of their achievements, if their work is published in journals or presented in any of the conferences. 
International students on scholarship are permitted to work for a maximum number of hours per week as per their individual visa conditions.  The University suggests that it is in your best interests to minimize the work to ensure you are able to focus on your academics. In all these cases the paid work must be approved by the University.

Australian Government has taken step to provide International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, to those international students who wish to study graduate research degree at University level. This scholarship also covers International tuition fees those who have been enrolled into higher degree research. Apart from tuition fees these scholarships also include overseas health insurance costs not only to scholarship holders but also to their dependents.

This scholarship is applicable for two years of time period for Masters while three years for a doctoral candidature which will also include payment of tuition fees in it. Time period for these scholarships will be reduced at any period during the study:

  • It can be prior to the commencement of course of study.
  • If there is any suspension during the time period of scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

A student to get eligible for Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarships following is the criteria:

  • A student need to have Australian Student Visa for the term of Scholarship which has to comply with conditions of visa and the most important is to be an international student.
  • Student must have excellent academic results.
  • If the student has been offered with any higher degree program in any of Australian Universities.
  • Incase if the student has been offered a place which is not capable of meeting English language requirements or else even unable to provide evidence of English language proficiency and meet the English language requirement of the HDR program before the deadline of scholarship application.
  • When the student is unable to hold a research qualification that will be equivalent to research doctorate in Australia.
  • If the student is willing to be in the position of ambassador for the Research Scholarships.
  • Either if you received or applied for external tuition fees or living expenses then those details are needed to be produced.
  • It is required that the applicant need to be an overseas student.
  • It is very important that they should not hold or deal with an Australian Agency for International Development scholarship in time period of two years before they are ready to take up IPRS.
  • It is highly essential that they need to satisfy academic requirements, citizenship requirements and visa requirements.

Selection Process

University will be selecting the students for scholarships based on academic merit as well as competitive selection process. Research standing committee for assessment will be referring Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarship applications and then students will be notified regarding their application status, once the process of ranking is completed.

Offer an Award

Once the selection process for Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarships is completed, then award will be presented to the successful applicant at the same time they will be providing conditions of the awards along with offer letter to student.

Courses Applicable

Following are the courses that will be eligible for Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarships:

  • Business
  • Creative Industries
  • Education
  • Health
  • Law
  • Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI)
  • Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q)
  • Science and Engineering
  • Institute for Future Environments
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