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Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Taking the Australian Citizenship Test takes thorough preparation. Before the day of your scheduled citizenship test arrives, make sure that you have allowed yourself to prepare by reading and memorizing “Australia Citizenship: Our Common Bond” resource book, particularly the testable division. On the day of your citizenship test, arrive early at the testing venue so you still have ample time to relax your mind and be comfortable in your assigned seat.

As the timer starts, make a quick glance of all the questions first. This will give you an idea on what questions you would be facing for the next 45 minutes, and also, this allows your mind to have a quick rundown of what you have memorized from the resource book.

Answer at once all the easy questions or the questions that you are definite of the answers. Since the Australian Citizenship Test has a time to be followed, this method assures you that you already answered a set of questions—the easy ones. Also, answering all the easy ones first gives you enough time to ponder on the questions that you might find challenging.

Australian Citizenship Test’s questions are multiple-choice. That means for every question, there would be choices of answers below it, and you will have to pick the correct answer. In the citizenship test, the answers are tricky. All answers seem to mean the same, or sound the same, so better read and understand the questions carefully, and read and understand the sentences of the answers as well. There are subtle differences among the answers so do not let yourself be confused on the questions and the choices of answers.

Keep on skipping the questions that you find difficult so you can provide the answers to the other questions that you have definite answers. The key is to not focus on one question for a long time since this is a time-pressured test. It is better to miss one or two questions than miss a bunch because you have allotted your time to that one question that you do not have an answer of.

If you really do not know the answer for the question, read the choices over and over again and do not consider the choice or choices which you think is incorrect. By eliminating the wrong ones, you are getting close to picking the correct one. Now that you have already narrowed down the choices of answers, read again until you come up with the one that you feel is the closest answer to the question. Sometimes, gut feel also provides the correct answer to the questions you find difficult.

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