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Endeavour Research Fellowships


The Endeavour Research Fellowship is a part of the Australian Government’s Australia Awards. The internationally competitive program is for students from participating countries to undertake courses, research and professional development in Australia as well as Australians to do the same overseas in participating countries.

The main initiative of the Endeavour Research Fellowship is to:

  • Enable high-achieving students from participating countries to undertake research in Australia and Australians to do the same abroad
  • Expand enduring educational, research and professional relations amid individuals, organizations and countries
  • Boost the ability, skills and worldwide consciousness and knowledge of high-achiever individuals from Australia and overseas
  • Add to Australia’s standing as a provider of excellence in education and training
  • Further develop social and economic relations of Australia and the participating countries
  • Contribute to Australia’s reputation as a leader in research and innovation
  • Augment the efficiency of Australians through a global study, research or professional development experience

The awards are given to students in order to help them undertake short-term research courses (4 to 6 months) towards a Master’s or PhD course (on which they are enrolled on in a participating country) or vice versa for Australian students.


Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship: The award provides financial support to postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows from participating Asian countries. The award is given to those who would like undertake short-term research courses in any field of study in an Australian university. The award also aims to support Australians to study in Asian educational environments. ( The top 5 International and the top 5 Australian) Endeavour Research Fellowship beneficiaries coming from and/or going to a Cheung Kong participating country will be offered the Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship. The participating countries include Cambodia, Brunei, China (including Hong Kong and Macau SARs), Indonesia, Japan, India, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

Endeavour Australian India Education Council (AIEC) Research Fellowship: The award provides financial support to postgraduate and postdoctoral fellows from Australia and India to undertake short-term (4-6 months) in the other countries. The award is funded by Australian and Indian education ministers and brings together representatives of government, training and education organizations to identify strategic goals of benefit to both nations. It also aims to strengthen the bilateral linkages between the two countries. One Indian researcher and one Australian researcher will be offered the award.

Award Conditions

  • Applicants must be nationals and/or permanent residents of a participating country and must not hold dual citizenship with Australia.
  • Applicants must be registered on a Master’s or PhD course and received their outcome or results proceeding to the beginning of the Award Program.
  • International and Australian applicants who have currently completed an Australia Award are not eligible to apply.
  • International and Australian applicants must have accomplished a minimum of an undergraduate degree at the time of application.
  • A record of high-level academic excellent in the chosen field of study must be shown.
  • A distinct and definite study and/or research program.
  • A research proposal that is pertinent to the needs of Australia and the host country.
  • A proposal on how the recipient plans to advance the ongoing collaboration and cooperation with Australia and the home country.
  • Proof and verification of participation in unpaid community service

Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships are applicable for international students. These fellowships will be funded by Commonwealth Government to the applicants. It gives an opportunity to international students only from participating countries to take part in this short term research collaboration that is available in Australia. This endeavor research fellowship is a short term research study of just four to six months.

These awards are established with an objective to improve also benefit Australia through its extensive scholarship programs.  Indeed it also supports the long term relationship between Australia and its neighboring countries. These fellowships will provide financial support to research students of postgraduate as well as postdoctoral from various countries.  Australian endeavor research fellowships main aim is to:

  • It helps international students in Australia to carry out research and also Australian students to do same in the abroad.
  • At the same time encourages in developing knowledge in the field of research they opt along with skills.
  • It will strengthen up bilateral relationship between Australia and participating countries.
  • It will be highlighting Australian education sector.
  • Also it will build strong mutual understanding not only to the people of Australia but also to the recipients home countries.
  • It will help in building linkages and networks internationally.


Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships will be providing fund up to $23,500 either to enter into Australia for research or else to conduct research from home country itself. It includes:

  • Travel allowances fund of $4,500
  • $4,000 towards establishment allowance
  • Monthly stipend of $2,500 is provided up to 6 months which is based on pro-rata basis

Field of Study to Conduct Research

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Architecture
  • Psychology
  • Built Environment
  • Business & Management
  • Communications
  • Computing & Information Technology
  • Creative Arts
  • Dental Studies
  • Economics
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Food & Hospitality
  • General Education & Employment Skills
  • Health Services & Support
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Language & Literature
  • Law
  • Legal & Security Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Personal Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sciences
  • Social Work
  • Sport
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Surveying
  • Tourism
  • Veterinary Studies & Animal Care,
  • Welfare & Community Services
  • ELICOS course

Conditions for eligibility to Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships

Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships are not applicable for those students who have already completed their Endeavour award in the preceding 2 years before they completed current year Endeavour Awards.

To get eligible for Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships it is very much needed for international students to satisfy following:

  • Applicants are to be citizens or permanent residents of a participating country also they should not hold dual Australian citizenship
  • Applicants are required to enroll in a Masters or PhD course from participating country in their Endeavour Award Category
  • Also applicants should have their PhD conferred or else they should receive their final results before the initiation of their Award.

Incase if they are Australian applicants who are applying for Australian Endeavour Research Fellowships then need to satisfy following:

  • Australian applicants must be citizens or permanent residents
  • Applicants required to enroll for master degree or PhD from Australia
  • It is required that applicants have to confer their PhD also receive their final results before the commencement of their Award.
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