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Australian Citizenship Test Rules

Just like any other tests, Australian citizenship test also has its own rules to be complied by aspiring applicants. These are just basic and easy-to-be-followed rules, but failure to comply with the test rules will greatly affect your citizenship application.

There is a time to be followed to complete the test. The required time to finish the Standard Test is 45 minutes. Whether it is computer-based test or questionnaire-based (paper) test (in the event computers are not available), both are allotted 45 minutes to complete it. For applicants who need assistance, the Assisted Test is given 90 minutes to complete.

It is expected that you have studied and reviewed thoroughly for this citizenship application. You have gathered all materials so to know what the answers to the exam questions would be, and most likely, you also got hold of the resource book to prepare for the Australian citizenship test. One of the test rules is to not bring any notes, papers, and review materials inside the test centres. Australian citizenship test is a closed-book test and this must be strictly followed.

The desk must be clear of any personal belongings. Bags, phones, gadgets, and other personal belongings must be placed under the desk. The third rule to follow is to keep the personal things away from the desk. There must be nothing on the desk except the computer or any material relevant to the citizenship test given by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship officer who administers the exam.

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