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Australian Citizenship Test Eligibility

The people located in Australia require proper citizenship for living in Australia. Every person cannot get the membership and there are some requirements of the citizenship of Australia. To get admission in the Australian Citizenship Test Eligibility of every person has a great importance in this respect. The Australian citizenship is the requirement of every person living in the state. The citizenship is necessary for getting a normal and formal membership of the state. After getting membership you will have the authority by the government of the state to live within the state. There are many of the major requirements which are necessary to take the eligibility test of the Australian citizenship.

The first requirement is that the person who is going to apply for Australian Citizenship Test Eligibility must have been residing in the state for the last few years minimum 4 years. The age of the person who is going to apply in for the test must be at least 18 years. Your next plan about the stay in the state of Australia must be for a long period of time. The character of the applicant is also very important for the citizenship of the Australia. The applicant must not have any criminal record and this will matter a lot in getting the Australian citizenship.

If the candidate has any criminal record then he will not be able to get the admission in the eligibility test of the Australian citizenship. Another major factor which has a great importance in being a proper citizen of Australia is the citizenship test. The applicant has to pass the citizenship test of about 20 MCQs. The passed candidate has to achieve about 75% marks in the test to be able to get the citizenship of Australia. The questions in the test will be closely related to the resource guide of citizenship.

The commitment of test is one of the last stages which will be the requirement of getting the citizenship of Australia. The person, who has completely passed the citizenship test of Australia, will be completely able to get the proper citizenship of Australia and he will be able to be a formal citizen of the state. The citizenship of any citizen of the Australia can also be revoked on some of the major reasons. The reason can include the commitment of any of the serious crimes or in any case of fraud or any other dangerous situation similar to these. So every person have to pay full attention to the eligibility of the citizenship test of Australia and must also keep all the terms and condition in his mind before getting citizenship of Australia.

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