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Anne Wexler Scholarships

The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education are the main sponsors of the Anne Wexler Scholarships which are part of the Australia Awards Program and administered by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.


The name of the scholarship as well as the essence of the award is inspired from the life of Mrs. Anne Wexler for her relentless work on building Australian-American relationships for trade and other international relations.The Australia – United States Free Trade Agreement and the Australian – American Leadership Dialogue proved her mettle in her occupation and practice. It established her as a figure of international relations for the two countries. She always had an eye on Australia and she waited till the time it was perfect for establishing strong relations between the countries.
The main purpose of Anne Wexler Scholarships is to form strong and long-standing educational and professional relations between the countries of Australia and the United States of America. The Anne Wexler Scholarships also go a step further to encourage ongoing exchange of ideas between the countries and create an environment for free flow of ideas.
Only two Wexler Scholarships are awarded annually, one funds an Australian citizen to going to the U.S. and another for an American (US) citizen to come to Australia.

Australian Anne Wexler Scholarship is a prestigious annual scholarship program established on 15 August 2009. It was named after Mrs. Anne Wexler in recognition of her services to better Australian-American relations. Australian Anne Wexler Scholarships are administered by the Australian Department of Education under the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Program. From this year onwards the scholarship is renamed as the ‘Fulbright-Anne Wexler Scholarship'. Now it is part of Fulbright Scholarship program administered by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.

The scholarship program encourages Australian and US postgraduate students to take up a Master's degree in Australia or the United States in areas such as health, sustainability, energy, climate change, regional security, political science, history or governmental relations that strengthens Anne Wexler's bi-national interests in the field of public policy.

This innovative scholarship program aims to develop Australian-American educational linkages by enhancing the network of public policy experts and to support the current policy exchange between both countries. The scholarship (A$140,000 each) will be awarded for two years. It includes annual stipend of up to A$30,000, tuition fees, travel allowance, establishment allowance and insurance.

The benefits of this scholarship package are:
  • The beneficent will be awarded 140,000 AUD (approximate) each
  • The scholarship is valid for a duration of 2 years
  • The package also includes living, travel, insurance & establishment allowances, National Orientation Program and a Fulbright Presentation Dinner, Media and publicity support


The Eligibility conditions are:
  • Nationality (Australian / U.S. citizens by birth or naturalization)
  • Academic qualifications (Undergraduate academic record)
  • Residency requirements (resident in Australia/US)
  • Interview requirement (attend an interview by video conference, Skype, or similar)
  • Medical requirements (pass a medical examination)
The Selection Criteria for this scholarship is High academic and professional merit, Scholarship proposal, Leadership potential and Adaptability (willingness to adjust successfully to life in the Australia/U.S).
Applicant must be either an Australian citizen or a US citizen by birth or naturalization and reside in Australia/ US at the time of submission of the application. Birth certificates or bio-data page of passport should be attached with the application as proof of citizenship.

Award Conditions

The Scholarship conditions are:
  • Other Scholarships (cannot be in receipt of other scholarships)
  • Visa requirement (travel on an approved J1 visa)
  • Funding period (maximum of two years)
  • Non-transferable scholarship benefits (not transferable either in whole or in part to any other person or for any other purpose)
  • Host institution (candidates must prove affiliation with a host U.S. institution via proof of enrollment)
  • Final Reporting (submit 6 monthly progress reports and a detailed final report to the Fulbright Commission on completion of their studies)

There are two Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarships awarded annually;

One for an Australian citizen to pursue a two year U.S. Master's degree in Public Policy and the other for a US citizen to pursue an Australian Master's degree in Public Policy.

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