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Australian Citizenship and Travelling

Passport is the most essential document when travelling. It says that you need to have an Australian passport when you intend to leave Australia for travel purposes. However, you may not be able to get hold of an Australian passport unless you have fulfilled certain conditions.

If you are not an Australian citizen yet, there is a need to apply for Australian citizenship first. The first condition to fulfil is to apply for citizenship and become a full-fledged citizen of Australia. You must complete the process until you passed the citizenship test and attended the Australian citizenship pledge ceremony.

The final step before you become an Australian citizen is the pledge ceremony. However, if there is a need to travel or go out of Australia prior your assigned Australian citizenship ceremony (which is required before one obtains an Australian citizenship), the passport you shall be using is the one you are currently holding. Make sure that the Australian visa you are holding allows you to re-enter Australia in time for your ceremony.

Check of its travel expiry or validity date. If the travel expiry date falls on the date when you are still outside Australia, there is a need for you to ensure a Return Visa so you will be able to enter Australia again in time for your ceremony. Travelling with your current passport and prior to your pledge ceremony to become an Australian citizen does not affect your final step to become an Australian citizen.

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