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What about Resource Book “Australia Citizenship: Our Common Bond” ?

When you lodged your application for the Australian Citizenship, you were assigned a particular schedule on when you will be having the Australian Citizenship Test. The first thing to do is to block that date and make no appointments for that day. This allows you to have a clear mind and not think of anything else to do for that day.

Set yourself a time to gather all the documents you need for the test. You need to bring these documents on the day of the test and by securing these documents early, it makes your mind worry-free of the required documents to be submitted on the Australian Citizenship Test. Once the documents are complete, secure them in a place you where you can easily grab them when the day of the test arrives.

The remaining days are dedicated to reviewing, studying, reading, and memorizing the resource book for the Australian Citizenship Test. The resource book “Australia Citizenship: Our Common Bond” is the only book you need to pass on the Australian Citizenship Test. Focus on the testable division because the answers to the test questions are derived there. Know by heart the testable division of the book.

As the day of the Australian Citizenship Test gets near, look for websites that have practice tests. By practicing the test, it allows you to experience the actual citizenship test. It has sets of questions to be answered in 45 minutes, very much like the actual Australian Citizenship Test. Immerse yourself in practice tests so to assess yourself how well you already know the answers to the possible questions that might appear on the actual test. This will also give you hints on how ready you are for the test.

Arrange appointments to people you might need on the day of the test. For instance, if you have a toddler, you will need someone to sit for him while you are away since you cannot take him to the venue. If you cannot pick up the kids from school since you will be having the test, look for someone to do that for you in the meantime. This is part of getting your mind clear on the day of the test.

The day before your Australian Citizenship Test is meant for resting and relaxing. Your body and mind have gone strenuous preparations for the test that you do not want them to be stressed on the day of your citizenship test. Instead, relax the mind by getting enough sleep, avoid food and drinks that make you sluggish, and keep the confidence that you can make it to the passing mark of the Australian Citizenship Test.

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