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Endeavour Research Fellowships for Indigenous Australians

The Endeavour scholarships and fellowship is a set of highly competitive scholarships that are provided by the Australian Government for its citizens who wish to study, undertake research and professional development programs abroad. These are merit-based and competitive scholarships. The Endeavour scholarships and fellowship for Indigenous Australians provide monetary support to indigenous Postgraduate and doctoral research students to undertake short term (4 to 6 months) research for an Australian masters or PhD or postdoctoral research programs in any of the participating countries abroad in any field of choice.


The history of the scholarship states that it was started under the Australian Awards initiative in 2009. The Awards bring together under one roof the various fellowships and scholarships provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.  Since 2007, a total number of 884 applicants from Australia have received the scholarship in 125 participating countries.
The scholarships aim to:
  • Help indigenous Australian students to undertake research in outside countries
  • It helps recipients to farther their knowledge in their research fields
  • It aims to build tied between Australia and the participating countries while giving the students an opportunity to take up their desired research projects in Australia and other participating countries


The scholarships are offered through an array of activities ranging from short term to doctoral researches.  There are various categories under which applicants can apply. 
These include:
  • Post-graduate scholarships
  • Post-doctoral scholarships
There are many sub-categories for each of these scholarships from which applicants can choose to apply according to their suitability.

Award Conditions

The conditions for the above scholarships include:
  • The applicant has to be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. There is no upper age limit
  • The applicant must take an approval from their host organization before applying
  • The conditions for the Executive fellowships are that during the time the applicant cannot undertake any paid employment
  • Researchers who have already begun their research programs are invalid for application
  • The scholarship cannot be granted twice, this means applicant who have already received the awards are not permitted to re-apply for another fellowship
There are a total of 125 countries to choose from if the applicant want to research abroad. The participating countries for the scholarships include countries from the Asia- Pacific, the Middle Eastern along with the Caribbean countries, North and South America, Europe and Pacific countries
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