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Monash University International Student Scholarships


The Monash University offers a wide range of international student scholarships to all, international students who are looking to enroll in their colleges and university for education.


Various awards like the Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, the Australian Government Endeavour Awards, the Chile Bicentennial Scholarships and the Monash University-China Scholarship Council awards are available, once the students fulfill the eligibility requirements.  These scholarships are available in various categories and fields.

Award Conditions

Though there are some eligibility criteria for specific courses, there are some broad, common eligibility criteria for every course. For example, the student is automatically accepted as an applicant with first class honors if he/she is a bachelor of Australian or New Zealand bachelor degree holder with first class honors. The student is also considered to be a first class honors applicant if he/she have an Australian/New Zealand research master’s preliminary degree that is formally graded at H1 level.
One another condition of the scholarships is that all awardees should agree to live within commutable distance and study within the campus, which would allow the awardees to access the amenities that the University offers, and one to one interaction with the supervisors.
If the student is already enrolled, the duration of the award would be decreased part way through the degree. Also, if the duration of the course is less than twelve months for any reason, the scholarship will not be awarded.


If the student has an Australian or a New Zealand research master’s degree that is formally graded at H1 level, they are considered to be a first class honors student. Along with this, Monash Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are also considered to be first class honors applicants. Students who have Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians as well as those having Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons are considered to be first class honor students. Other than these, even if the student’s qualifications do not specifically meet the requirements, the research experience of the student can sometimes be considered equivalent.


Students can also be awarded a part time scholarship if the person has a preschool child, or if they have a school aged child and are sole parents, with limited and little access to resources. The University also provides this scholarship if the student has an invalid spouse, child or parent.
All the scholarships that Monash University provides tuition fee that the student would pay, while some offer a stipend or allowance.
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