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Citizenship Test Requirements and Exemptions

Australia is the preferred location today for settling down and starting a new life. However, in order to attain citizenship in Australia, one must undergo certain procedures and the Australian Citizenship Test is one of them. There are certain basic requirements to be met to be able to appear for this test.

Requirements of the Australian Citizenship Test

  • One should have a working knowledge of the English language
  • Sufficient knowledge of different aspects of living in Australia such as privileges of citizenship and responsibilities of Australian citizens is mandatory
  • It is also required to understand the category of citizenship being applied for
  • You should have already applied for Australian citizenship
  • Sufficient proof of identification should be provided at the time of registration for the test
  • A photograph of the candidate needs to be taken by the Immigration Department

Exemptions for the Australian Citizenship Test

Given below are the criteria under which a person need not sit for the test:

  • Applicants who applied before 1 October 2007
  • Candidates below 18 years of age or aged 60 and above
  • Those who’s hearing, speech or eyesight is substantially impaired
  • People providing medical proof that they are mentally and physically incapable of
    • Understanding the application
    • Do not have even a working knowledge of English
    • Cannot demonstrate even a bit of awareness of the privileges and responsibilities and of the country of Australia
  • Children of people who used to be citizens of Australia
  • Stateless people born in Australia
  • A child of an Australian-born citizen and this child should have been born in Papua prior to 16 September 1975

Residence Requirements

The amended requirements for the test require that a person should have lived in Australia for at least 4 years out of which they should have been continuously in the country for at least 12 months. The person should have also not been out of Australia for a total of 12 months during this four year period before applying.

Spouses and de facto Partners

According to the provisions of the Australian Citizenship Act, 2007, the same rules of regular adults apply to spouses and de facto partners but some of the residence requirements are done away with if certain proof can be furnished in connection with the applicant’s close association with Australia or if there is a spouse who lives outside Australia.

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