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Endeavour Awards

Endeavour Awards is one of the awards from the umbrella of Australian Awards. This program is an internationally competitive program for the citizen of the eligible countries. Students are awarded with an opportunity to undertake their studies, research work and professional development in Australia. It has attracted top students from Asia, pacific regions, Middle East, Europe and America to come and study in Australia.  Endeavour postgraduate Awards provide full support for international students for 2 to 3.5 years to undertake their studies.


Endeavour Awards program was established in the year 2003. Government invested around $40.6 million in the year 2013-14 with an aim of developing educational, research and professional linkage. It is to build up Australia`s reputation of providing a very high quality of education and training in the globe and is a leader in research and innovation sector and to showcase the Australia`s education sector.


Both Australian citizens and international students are eligible for the program. Applicant can apply for postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships and in vocational educational training scholarships. For international students who is applying for postgraduate and postdoctoral programs, they should have done PhD or masters which are equivalent to Australian PhD or must have applied for and gained admission to masters or PhD in Australia. Applicant must have completed an undergraduate program or degree when he/she applies for the program.


This Endeavour Awards program is divided into three major categories.
  • Postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships and fellowships
  • Vocational education and training scholarships and
  • Executive fellowships.
  • Awards

    Since 2007, almost a total of 3306 Endeavour Awards have been given to international students and about 884 have been received by the Australian applicants. This program typically offers around 500 plus new scholarships and fellowships each year. The total award value for PhD is up to $228,500 and for masters it is $118,500. Travel allowance is of $4500 and a monthly stipend of$2500 is given as an award in this program. In addition, the awardee gets health and travel insurance as well. There is a tuition fees per semester up to $12500 for masters and PhD.

    Award Conditions

    There are few conditions for the students which need to be fulfilled while participating in the program.
  • International applicants should not hold dual citizenship with Australia and must be a citizen of the participating country.
  • International applicants holding Australian student visa are not eligible.
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