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Practice for Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian citizenship test is composed of 20 multiple-choice questions, all drawn from what is called a "resource booklet" with a title "Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond" that tackles Australia's culture, values, and history. The key here is to learn almost all the significant matters about Australia to be able to pass the citizenship. Since you are applying for a citizenship of Australia and will then enjoy the country's benefits and privileges, it is your right that you know and learn by heart what makes up Australia, its culture and its history.

To be able to have a feel on how it is like during the test, there are ways you can practice the citizenship test. By practicing the test, it gives you an idea on how the test is like and what could be the possible questions out of the many information, details, and data contained in the "resource book." Since the citizenship test is bounded by a time, in which 45 minutes for Standard Testing and 90 minutes for Assisted Testing, it also gives you the opportune time to practice answering 20 questions within the restricted time.

There are websites you can go to that offers free samples of the citizenship test. You need not to pay these websites and it is free to practice the citizenship test. You may either answer the questions directly on the website, or you may download it in your computer and print it. Whatever method you choose, both give you the chance to practice the citizenship test that permits you to get a passing mark and a huge chance to acquire an Australian citizenship.

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