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Australian Residence Calculator

One of the requirements for the Australian citizenship is the Australian residency. To be eligible for the application, the residence requirement must be passed. The residency must pass the following criteria:

  • You must be lawfully living in Australia for 4 years
  • In those 4 years, it must include your 12 month permanent residency immediately before making an application for the citizenship
  • Prior the application, there must be no absences from Australia for more than 12 months in the 4 years of being an Australian resident

Take note the "living in Australia" and "Australian resident" means living or residing in Australia using a temporary visa or permanent visa. Basically, those who were granted temporary or permanent residency in Australia after July 2007 can apply for Australian citizenship.

The easiest method of determining if you have passed the requirement of residency is by simply calculating your residency in Australia. You may do so by checking the website and search for "residence calculator." You must have the significant dates the residence calculator will establish from you, so be ready with these dates: permanent residence date, intended lodgement date, and lawful residence date.

Here is the link for the Australia residence calculator:


Once you have passed the residency requirement, you are now then eligible to apply for Australian citizenship through the Australian citizenship test. In the event that you passed the Australian Citizenship test, only then you will become a citizen of Australia. When you become a full-fledged citizen, you can now benefit from Australia's resources, privileges, and benefits.

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