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Australia Penal Clearance Certificates

Anyone who wishes to be a citizen of Australia needs to undergo character assessment. It is the way the government of Australia will determine if you are in good character. This is a crucial part for the Australian government since their goal is to increase the population of residents and citizens without compromising the welfare of the existing residents and citizens of their country. The character of the person creates an impact on the security and the safety of its nation.

To assess your character, you need to complete the National Police Checking Service Application/Consent Form. If you have been visiting other countries during your residency in Australia, and the visit added to 12 months or more, and if the length of stay in one particular country is 90 days or more, there is a need for you to obtain penal clearances from the countries you have visited. You must provide a certificate of penal clearance from every country you spent 90 days in.

Instructions on how to obtain penal clearance certificate from other countries or from law enforcement agencies can be seen here:


Penal clearance certificate reflects your character and any factors that do not qualify for the good character the Australian government is looking for will definitely affect your Australian citizenship application. The Australian government has the right to reject any application if there be dubious or questionable character reflected in the penal clearance certificate.

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