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Melbourne International Research Scholarships

The Melbourne International Research Scholarships are that scholarship program which is awarded by the University of Melbourne to those international students who wish to undertake graduate research degree studies for example master`s by research, PhD or other research doctorate. Scholarships are awarded by the university for those students who wants to learn any of the courses offered. Scholarships program`s selection is based on the eligibility criteria and academic merit.


This scholarship program has been started quite a few years back. Every year around 200 scholarships are given to the students. Usually this program opens up twice a year once in May session and other in October session. Applicants should submit their completed applications for admission / scholarship by end of May and they will receive the scholarship outcome by end of July.


For a student to be eligible for this program has to apply for scholarship and candidature in a graduate research degree course in University of Melbourne. Applicant should have completed tertiary studies (equivalent to 4 years degree) at an Australian university. Applicants normally have to complete a research project as a part of their tertiary studies and should have the first class honours results. Both students, who are commencing their courses and the current ones, enrolled in higher degree can apply for the scholarships.


There are as such no particular or specific categories of subjects to opt from. These scholarships are provided to the students to learn any of the courses which are being offered at the University of Melbourne.


About 200 new Melbourne Research Scholarships are awarded by the university every year and around 150 awards are offered to the international students. Each faculty member has a limited number to award and these are funded by the university.

Award Conditions

  • MIRS cannot be extended for more than three and a half years for PhD and other doctorate students. This means there is only an extension of 6 months and that to the students need to cover their living expenses for that duration of time.
  • Benefits provided in this scholarship includes living allowance of $24653 per annum, a relocation grant of $2000 to those students who have to commute interstate and $3000 for those are moving from overseas, thesis allowance up to $420 and $840 for masters students and doctorate students respectively.
  • They also get paid sick, maternity and parenting leaves as well.
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